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Just when we thought the design world would calm down after 2021, it turns out that 2022 is busier than ever!

Because of this, my #1 advice to anyone looking to start a project this year – or next: plan, plan and plan ahead! 

I know, I know, planning ahead may not be the most exciting part of the design process (we all want that accessories closet done yesterday!), but it’s the only way to maintain some sort of control these days—and when processes are controlled, your project can be stress free!

Win-win, yes? Here are four tips on how you can plan ahead for your next interior design project. 

A High Point showroom at the 2021 market

Don’t Let Lead Times Ruin Your Year

If you’re planning a renovation, we recommend purchasing your furnishings now. Why?  Because lead times are currently averaging anywhere from 20 – 40 weeks, depending on the vendor. If you wait to order that new custom sofa or set of swivel chairs when your renovation is near finished, you won’t be able to properly enjoy your new space anytime soon! 

This custom hood was made less than ten miles from our office!

Seek Out Local Vendors

Prior to the pandemic we were purchasing many items from within the United States; these days we’re purchasing almost 97% of our goods from US vendors! Even better: we’re seeking out more local craftsmen to partner with. Not only is this enabling us to provide our clients with  bespoke items, but we’re also avoiding paying those ever-increasing shipping costs.

A discovery from a trip to the National Kitchen and Bath (KBIS) show in Orlando

On-Site Items are Crucial for Kitchen and Bath Renovations

When it comes to starting a kitchen or bathroom project, my best advice is this: have everything on site before your contractor starts the demo process. (Even if your cabinet maker is telling you, again, that delivery time is two weeks away) Receiving all components on site means that you can be sure everything has been inspected and is ready to go.

Another find from KBIS from True appliances – made in America

Make Smart Choices with Appliances

A designer friend of mine, Tennille of Beautiful Habitat, offered this great advice when holding out for that dream appliance: “be flexible, but don’t settle”.  For example:  you have always wanted that 30” Wolf range in your dream kitchen, but it’s on back order until 2023. What if you could get a 30” Wolf range top and a 30” wall oven now? That’s a great compromise. You get the same end result in the same space allocated.

With these tips, you can look forward to peace of mind as you live through the renovation process. By preparing for what’s to come, you can avoid a lot of stress and anxiety—and this way you can focus on the beautiful end result.

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