Create a Unique V.I.B.E.™

Four Ways to Create a V.I.B.E. in Your Home

We believe that every home should speak to our hearts — this means including those familial touches, heirloom pieces and hues that make you happy – objects that are meaningful to you and your family. Simply put, your home’s interior design should capture a V.I.B.E. (Vibrant, Innovative, Bespoke and Enchanting).

Today we’re sharing four ways to incorporate these elements into your home to create your unique V.I.B.E. !

Incorporate Vibrant Touches

Research has shown that saturated colors can energize a person’s mood, whereas muted colors are known to help you relax. We were hired to design a client’s living room with the specific purpose of hosting monthly meetings for professional women. The space needed to spark conversation and creative thought.

Tip #1: Start with your favorite piece of art. Add complementary pops of vibrant, saturated colors along with stimulating patterns.

Opt for Innovative Items 

A home should reflect the people who live in it and tell their story in a personal way. While artwork is a wonderful option, we advise (Tip #2) to think “outside of the box”. When a client asked us for a “family portrait,” we avoided the classic headshot route and instead asked each family member to “ink” their thumbprint. We then enlarged and then gilded each one, and had it framed. Above is the end result of a fun twist on a classic family portrait.

Create Meaningful Spaces with Bespoke Products 

Is there a particular piece that you have been searching for…forever? Tip #3: When you cannot find that perfect size, shape or color, it’s time to enlist the talent of a local tradeperson. At Fiori Interior Design, we’re all about working with local trades whenever possible. Thanks to our partnerships with a variety of local trades, we’re able to design one-of-a-kind heirlooms for our clients that are the perfect shape, size and design for them and their home. Plus, because these handcrafted items are well made, they can be enjoyed by generations for years to come. 

Enhance the Feel of a Room with Enchanting Pieces 

You and your family are unlike anyone else — we believe your home should reflect that. Whether that means incorporating flea market finds with finesse or highlighting special collectibles in a chic way, placing eclectic pieces throughout your home tells your story in a unique way. At FID, we love these eclectic touches – so much so that we leave behind handcarved mushrooms (made from local cherry trees!) at the end of every project. 

Tip #4: Visit your local flea market or antique shop and find that one piece that stops you in your tracks. Talk to the seller about the piece and find out its provenance. Your find can become that “story-telling” piece that will create conversation for years to come.

Ready to create a home you LOVE with an interior design V.I.B.E. that’s all your own? Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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