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Envisioning your future

A friend recently told me the story of a woman named Rose who was a patient at the nursing home where her Dad resided. Each and every day my friend would see Rose, dressed to the nines with lipstick and hair styled – position her wheelchair by the front door…waiting for someone to take her […]


5 ways to adapt basic blueprints to Livable Design

Are you thinking of building a second home? Not just another home but one with subtle nuances that will accommodate your family into the future? We call adding these inconspicuous refinements “livable design details”. Proactive design that enhances and welcomes every generation. A “simple” first step is to find a house plan (or blueprints) that […]


Designing for Emotion

Is it just me or does everyone feel a bit off kilter when they walk into a dark and cluttered room?  And, how about when you enter a light-filled space, filled with earth tones like beiges and browns with muted cranberry accents? Doesn’t that make you feel a little more serene and stable? It’s amazing […]

Master Bedroom re-do

One of our projects was recently recognized in The Star Ledger. Our Wyckoff, NJ client was interviewed by the Star Ledger explaining the changes she made to her 1960s ranch-style home, and goes into detail about her experience with our process.  Click the link below to read about it and to see before & after shots! […]

In Touch with your Home

I’ve been spending a considerable amount of time with one of my favorite clients. We’ve been having a blast working on her house, designing one room at a time.   After finishing up her family room, she sat down on her new –and now favorite – sofa. She literally started petting it, saying how warm and […]


Gravitating to Sunlight

I can sometimes tolerate a room without windows on a dreary day but on a sunny day… it’s unbearable!  People tend to gravitate to the areas of their homes that provide them with the most sunlight and the best views. Why?  Because research repeatedly proves that natural light is healing. Stress levels decrease and mental energy is replenished in spaces that […]

Lighting in layers

A recent statistic stated that the highest population of baby boomers live in Califorina.   It should really comes as no surprise.  As we age, we naturally yearn for more natural sunlight…simply stated because it makes us feel better.   So, if you don’t live on the West Coast, here are a few easy tips […]

How to care for (engineered) quartz

As a boutique sized interior designer firm located in Bergen County, NJ, we select and oversee the installation of countertops for projects about four times a year. Here are tips on how to maintain Quartz countertops. For day to day use, clean up fresh spills with any brand dish soap and a soft microfiber or […]

How to take care of lighting fixtures

Metal or porcelain lighting should be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth or duster.   Never spray fixtures with a cleaning solution or polish.   If it is necessary to use a cleaning agent, please apply only a mild detergent to a soft, damp cloth for gentle cleansing.  DO NOT use scouring agents, abrasive sponges, […]