In the realm of interior design there’s no question about it, aesthetics take center stage. But when you incorporate intentionally diverse elements, your space becomes a showstopper right in front of your very eyes. Our recent blogposts have touched on how deliberate design helps to awaken and delight the senses. Today I’ll be taking a […]

As we continue to explore how living spaces can delight and awaken our senses, this post will focus on something that is often overlooked in design – SOUND. (Click for What We See post) What We Hear As a designer I’m particularly tuned in to sound because my husband suffers from an inner ear disease […]

Materials presentation

And yes, that includes your physical surroundings. In the next few blogposts, I’ll be taking a look at how living spaces can delight and awaken our senses. What better place to start than with the visual impact that greets us as we walk into the room? What We See Design engages and stimulates our perceptions […]