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I believe that design can be healing. Until I started designing spaces for clients I didn’t realize that I had actually been “studying” design my entire life.

I was raised in a household where my mother wasn’t always healthy. Many days I’d come home from school and find her sitting in our living room—the one room in our house that had been arranged to receive the most amount of sunlight. I don’t know if she knew how beneficial it was to her or not…I just knew she was drawn to that space.  

I saw first hand how my mother actually used design to her advantage – demonstrating how design can lift us up, and help us function at our highest level. 

This is the foundation of how I design today.  I’ve incorporated my specific principles of design for wellness into my practice.  Because I believe – based on my own experience and what I’ve seen in my clients – is that when you’re in surroundings that support you…you thrive.