We pride ourselves on our creative design solutions for every project.  Our clients can be assured that we will always make the best design decision, based first and foremost, on how well it meets their personal needs.

Our full service interior design means just that: we oversee every area of the project including creating the floor plans and architectural details, the procurement of furnishings all the way through to the installation and accessorizing all the final touches.

This is an opportunity for us to hear about the goals for your project and in turn learn a bit more about how we work.  

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After completing a detailed questionnaire, this two hour working meeting is typically the springboard to the start of your project. We will share a multitude of design ideas for your project. Our goal then is to define and prioritize the scope of work. The cost for this service is $895.

No less than a week later we will follow up with a flat fee design proposal for your project that includes the estimated investment needed to achieve our shared vision for the project.

Now the agreement has been signed, and we have received a retainer, we will photograph and measure your home.  In a few weeks time, we will then meet either in person or on Zoom to ensure that our vision is in sync with yours.

We set aside one full day for all Trades to meet at your site.  Why?  This up-front meeting allows us to anticipate any unforeseen obstacles and allows for them to create estimates and establish timelines.

This is where we execute the schematics (those rough drawings that we’ve reviewed to give you a general overview of the design direction) We are now creating furniture and lighting plans, window treatment designs, cabinetry design and millwork and the overall color scheme.

We’re now ready to present our work: material boards filled with fabrics and finishes, floor plans and elevations as well a presentation of your investment.  

Let the “turn-key” design process begin!  Here is where we start placing orders while keeping you updated the entire time. Our goal is that you never have to ask “where are we with our project?” And depending on the project, with our coordination, construction and renovation has begun.  Concurrently, orders are trickling in to our local warehouse.

Orders are accounted for and carefully inspected – now the furniture installation and styling process begins!  This can occur over the course of 1-3 days as our team is ensuring that our vision has become reality.   (Cue the happy dance!)


Learn about our services – from the
initial design concept to completion.


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