We pride ourselves on a creative process that is met with functional and practical design solutions.  Our clients can be assured that we will always make the best design choice based on how well it meets their needs and the overall needs of the project.

Recognizing that your time is valuable, we streamline your choices by only showing you our top choices…offering you the best design solution for your home or office.

We develop detailed schedules at the onset of each project with pre-determined presentation dates. This means you can expect to know exactly where we are in the design and implementation process. This not only keeps our team on track but allows our clients to manage their schedule efficiently.


We offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation to discuss the scope of your project and to discuss our turn-key design services. We’re answering questions like: Are you looking for Design Conceptualization only or Full Service Design? What is the goal of your project? Next we’ll set up a time to meet for a paid 90 minute on site consultation, refundable towards design fees once the Agreement is signed.

A timeline and future meeting dates are set up right from the start. This ensures our tradespeople are available when we need them! We’ll evaluate and determine a short and long-term strategy according to the “lifestyle review” you’ve filled out beforehand. From here, a design plan as well as a budget is developed so that we’re able to customize a home that fits your lifestyle.

This Is the day where we meet with all of the tradespeople (contractors, painters, electricians, plumber, finishers and much more) who are lined up to be on site to be able to develop a quote for the project.

Our team is back in our studio, in showrooms and/or manufacturer’s facilities. Preliminary plans and designs are now being conceptualized. Our optimal floor plans in 2 and 3D, elevations and furniture layouts are being drafted, so you can clearly see our vision. Depending on your project, we might even be creating construction documents for our contractors and tradespeople. Fabrics, furnishings, lighting, cabinetry, finishes, materials, color schemes are being selected.. Cabinetry designs are being sketched for tradespeople.

This phase typically is either one or two visits – back in your space. All of the details are reviewed and presented for your approval on a final concept board. We’re also reviewing art and accessories with you at this time.

We’re back in our studio…moving on to preparing purchase orders, approving cuttings and acknowledgements, expediting and inspecting goods, coordinating inspections and deliveries and (yes, sigh) resolving damage issues.  

If we’re designing a custom sofa or chair for you, we’re checking to see if you’d like to take a  “test drive” before the fill is added for maximum comfort!

We are simultaneously bringing in our carpenters, painters, plumbers, or any other trades people.

All the while we are overseeing tradespeople (answering questions like: where does one paint color stop and another begin? Flat, matte or eggshell? Switch placement? We have that covered.

All those pieces we’ve ordered and tracked have been inspected and are waiting for us at our warehouse, ready to be delivered and installed over the course of one or two days!  Our team has prepared for this day…accessories are ready to be placed while we’re overseeing the installation.

Your authentic home awaits you.


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initial design concept to completion.


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