We pride ourselves on our creative design solutions for every project.  Our clients can be assured that we will always make the best design decision, based first and foremost, on how well it meets their personal needs.

From full service design to “design only” projects, we are flexible with meeting our client’s every need.

Our process always starts with a 20 minute Discovery Call. This is an opportunity for us to hear about the goals for your project and in turn discover if we are a good fit…if so, the next step is an in-home consultation, aka a two hour working meeting.  This gives us both an opportunity to meet in person and to get to know each other.  During this consultation, we’ll give you a multitude of initial design ideas for your project so that we can then begin to define and prioritize next steps. After this meeting we will be able to work up a design fee for the scope of work.

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After the agreement has been signed, we photograph and measure your space.   Two weeks later we either meet in person or on Zoom to ensure that our vision is in sync. We’ll then set aside one full day for all Trades (such as plumbers and electricians) to meet on site so we can anticipate any unforeseen obstacles and to create estimates and timelines.

We then focus on research and design development. This is where we execute our rough drawings, the ones that we’ve reviewed with you, followed by furniture and lighting plans, window treatment designs, cabinetry and millwork designs and a comprehensive color scheme.  Finally, 4 – 5 week later, the presentation is scheduled and includes material boards filled with fabrics and finishes, CAD floor plans and elevations as well as the presentation of your investment.

95% of our clients want us to implement our design for them, while the other 5% (those with the time and energy!) choose to implement and oversee the project on their own. For those clients, we will hand over a physical binder as well as a digital format so that you are able to order product and oversee your painters, electricians, etc.

Design + procurement (implementing the design) is considered “turn-key” design. FID begins placing orders for all agreed upon furnishings and accessories.  Our bi-monthly updates ensure that you are kept up to date for the duration of the project. Our goal is that you never have to ask “where are we with our project?” Concurrently, orders are trickling in and inspected in our local warehouse.  Once all orders have arrived, furniture installation and the styling process begins!  This part can occur over the course of 1-3 days.

We offer three levels of service to meet the diverse needs of all of our clients.

Full-Service Interior Design is where we handle everything from the detailed design plan, to the product purchasing, managing deliveries, warehousing, coordinating with general and sub-contractors down to the final installation of furniture and accessories.  This is a “turn-key” service where you won’t need to lift a finger.

Fiori Interior Design-only: is great for those that lack the vision, but have the time, resources, a trusted contractor, or even a few DIY projects under your belt. In this option, we create the vision and a full design plan, and then turn it over to you to execute on your own.

We also offer a hybrid of Design Only and Full Service. For example, you can order custom window treatments or upholstery through us, but implement everything else on your own. We will just need to confirm all details upfront prior to starting your project.

Research has shown that too many choices overwhelm us and stress us out and that’s never our goal. There are thousands of fabrics, finishes and products in the design world.  Our clients trust us to curate these choices and  present one ideal design with one round of edits.  In our presentation we will always explain our thought process as to why each piece was chosen and how they “speak” to one another.

Yes! A-la carte may include designing and installing custom window treatments, specifying paint colors, designing floor and furniture floor plans, or even one or two hour consultations to confirm your choices for a project you’re undertaking on your own.

Our design fees vary with each project. During the initial design consultation we will take a look at your project and discuss a range of things such as scope for work, lifestyle, functionally, budget, your desired aesthetic and so on.  This consult allows us to understand the full scope of your project and accurately prepare a design fee proposal.

We are flexible with our design fee structure and will help you decide which method (hourly or a set fee) will best benefit you. As each project is unique, many variables will impact costs, including the number of  antiques or vintage pieces as well as custom pieces necessary for the project. If you choose hourly billing, we will estimate the number of hours that will go in the design phase of the project. When the scope of work is clear and defined, we can quote a set fee for the creation of the design, that includes an assessment of the time involved, materials and resources, the level of service requested, expertise, location of project and creativity it will take to professionally execute your design plan.

Procurement, Administration, Construction Support and Execution Phases are all billed hourly because these phases have too many variables for us to predict or set a fee.  There are also “game time decisions” in this phase that will need to be made, so the fee will vary based on how quickly client’s are able to make decisions.  We are able to share times involved with past projects so that you are prepared, but know that every project is different.

Very early on in the process, I will share photos of rooms that we have designed and discuss the investment that is necessary to create these spaces.  By having this discussion, we’ll discover if we are able to design to the level of detail and customization that you would like for your project.  We’ll also talk about the timeline for your project. All of these factors will affect your investment. Sometimes we decide eliminate items, or replace with a less expensive alternative.

Sometimes the project is separated into phases. We will help you choose what is best for you.

Many design firms will bill separately for the product, shipping to the warehouse, warehousing time and delivery.  In our experience, we have found that this method amounts to much more paperwork and unexpected billing for our clients. Our one quoted price works out to be just under retail cost – so if we are purchasing directly from a trusted vendor you will receive only one bill for furnishings that covers shipping, warehousing and delivery.

This depends on a few factors.  If a client can make a decision rather quickly, then we will try to fit at least 25% of vintage or preowned pieces into the design.  Many pieces are purchased at online auction and these pieces can move quickly.

If you choose to work with us in a “turn-key” capacity, we are selecting custom or semi-custom items that have been purchased through vendors that we have long standing relationships with. It’s in your best interest to purchase through us to ensure items are ordered correctly and timelines are met. We are also simultaneously communicating with the trades regarding what is required in working with those products.

When you purchase through us, we use vendors with whom we have long standing relationships and on whom we can rely on for problem resolution.  Almost all of our purchases are delivered to our warehouse, where they are inspected and delivered (ideally) at one time for a full reveal.

In addition, Fiori Interior Design carries insurance to cover items above and beyond the shippers and

warehouse. All this protects the items you are investing in should there be any damages…and dealing with damages are a part of this business!

Yes! We have worked on homes throughout the United States and based on the scope of work, will travel to a job site.


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