Nineteen percent of US households now have more than one adult generation living under the same roof.   That percentage is rising and is equivalent to the 1950’s.   #multigenerational Why are these numbers on the rise? These statistics will help to understand the surprising uptick: The average cost per year of Assisted Living in the Northeast […]

The project started the way most things in life start (at least, the best things). With a search. A search for the perfect chair. The one that reminded me of my favorite chair; the one from my grandmother’s home. With its deep comfy seat and its soft rolled arms, it was a place to sit […]

I love when clients have artwork that serves as the inspiration for a space. Most often they are sharing a piece of their unique story.   It becomes more challenging when we seek out artwork for our clients. The process needs to be approached in a thoughtful, creative, and authentic manner that lends itself to […]