The Sound and the Fiori

As we continue to explore how living spaces can delight and awaken our senses, this post will focus on something that is often overlooked in design – SOUND.

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What We Hear

As a designer I’m particularly tuned in to sound because my husband suffers from an inner ear disease called Meneire’s. Since this condition causes vertigo, tinnitus, discomfort, and hearing loss, we’re super-conscious of sound wherever we are. Poor acoustics and background noise too often result in him being completely left out of conversations.

Despite hearing limitations, auditory elements should always be factored into your design to optimize efficacy and enjoyment of your space. Deliberate use of area rugs, appropriate-sized window treatments, and even over-stuffed ottomans can help subdue sound in a home office, contain kitchen clatter, or enhance the overall soundscape of communal spaces.

In order to minimize hard surfaces and maximize sound absorption, we take a look at several  components which include ceiling height; room size, shape, and location; closed or open concept design; and window and door placement. With the purpose of the room always top-of-mind, we create a plan that is both visually and audibly pleasing while keeping within the parameters of your personality.

Interiors that are designed to be highly personal, ensuring you’re

surrounded with design that’s meaningful and represents you authentically.   

Feel the power of design.

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