Enhancing Interior Design with what we feel: A Sensory Journey

In the realm of interior design there’s no question about it, aesthetics take center stage. But when you incorporate intentionally diverse elements, your space becomes a showstopper right in front of your very eyes.

Our recent blogposts have touched on how deliberate design helps to awaken and delight the senses. Today I’ll be taking a deep dive into how tactile engagement comes into play.

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Beyond visual appeal, textures and fabrics play a pivotal role in fashioning ambiance and comfort. From the plushness of velvet to the ruggedness of linen, tactile fabrics not only add depth and dimension but a tangible connection to your surroundings.


Eliciting Emotional Responses

Did you know that the textures we encounter in our environment conjure up some rather powerful emotional responses? Take for instance the beauty of an amethyst countertop (yes that IS a thing!). Our client chose this option not only because she loves the color purple, but to incorporate the stone’s healing and spiritual elements into her primary bathroom.

An amethyst counter top adds excitement and personality to this primary bath project.

Research published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology has reported higher levels of satisfaction and happiness when we have control over the design of our spaces.  Our contentment increases even further when we add meaningful objects to our home.

This barrel top is from our client’s mother’s hometown in Germany.

Creating Tension with Contrast and Balance

In design, balance is key. But let’s not discount the power of contrast. Although I’m a drama-free advocate, tension is an absolute must in design.

After all, if there’s no tension there’s no excitement! Pairing floral printed panels with a leather wrapped console is a prime example of how adding layers of tactile intrigue invites exploration and interaction.

Keep in mind that if everything is similar, then nothing is special.

Whether it’s a smooth marble-topped console table, or a coarsely hand-thrown piece of pottery, how we decorate our home speaks volumes about who we are and how we want to feel. Fiori Interior Design looks at the “big picture” and then specifies pieces that resonate with you on a sensory level, honor your unique taste and are tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

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