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June Market Inspo

Below are some of the wonderful pieces we saw at High Point Market in June. We are looking forward to going back again in October! Let us know if we can help you design that beautiful space you have been dreaming of!

Why We Need to Plan Now for 2022

As a boutique interior design firm, we have been carefully navigating and constantly monitoring the ups and downs of this world we find ourselves in today. Typically I like to begin my blog posts on a positive note. Stay with me until the end of this post – I promise you’ll see that there is […]

Creating a Stress-Free Zone In Your Home

Over the years I have written numerous articles that focus on creating calming environments in your home. These days it seems to be more important than ever. The global pandemic has only heightened our stress levels. According to a poll conducted on behalf of the American Psychological Association, this year 84% of adult Americans experienced […]

Getting comfortable in today’s world

Have you found yourself trying to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable? For many of us, the daily news has bred a sense of uncertainty about our world and our surroundings. Displaced from offices, schools, college, and our jobs, home is the one place where everyone finds calm and comes back to center. Throughout the pandemic, […]

Designing for an Investment Property

We recently completed a renovation for a client’s investment property. Our goal was to maximize the value of the property by keeping costs low while trying to achieve a high end look. By making the property more attractive to potential renters now, the client avoided an even larger renovation project in the future. The result? […]

Whatever Happens in Vegas…

In a few short weeks we will be attending the National Kitchen and Bath Show in Las Vegas. Over six hundred  companies will be showcasing their wares at this industry’s largest trade show.   Designers, architects and contractors will gather to learn about the latest innovative products, technology, design and trends.   One of the featured […]

Non Slip Tile Treatment!

We recently discovered a product called Stone Grip Non-Slip Tile Treatment that promises to “dramatically increase traction and improve safety on slippery floors even when wet.” According to the product specs, Stone Grip is an easy to apply slip solution with a sprayer, microfiber T-mop or Stone Grip Applicator. Clean and dry the floor, apply the […]


The numbers don’t lie

Nineteen percent of US households now have more than one adult generation living under the same roof.   That percentage is rising and is equivalent to the 1950’s.   #multigenerational Why are these numbers on the rise? These statistics will help to understand the surprising uptick: The average cost per year of Assisted Living in the Northeast […]


Connecting to Art

I love when clients have artwork that serves as the inspiration for a space. Most often they are sharing a piece of their unique story.   It becomes more challenging when we seek out artwork for our clients. The process needs to be approached in a thoughtful, creative, and authentic manner that lends itself to […]

How to determine a budget

I’ve been designing homes for almost twenty years.  In all those years, can you guess how many clients come to us knowing exactly what their budget is? The answer is one. Surprised?    Designing well for clients involves asking tons of personal questions – learning what a client is comfortable spending from the very start  is […]