Plan Now, Enjoy Later!

3 Top Reasons Why We Need (now more than ever) to Plan Ahead!

And just like that January 2022 is behind us.  Although the future looks different for everyone, it’s been repeatedly proven that planning can help us cope with unforeseeable hardships in a healthy and stress-free way. Whether you’re planning to become an empty nester or to start a family, the time to plan for your future home is now, and here are three reasons why.

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1. Meet Deadlines By Anticipating Lead Times

These days, it’s hard to know if — and for how long — a project may be delayed. 

In fact, upholstery orders are currently taking an average of 20 weeks to be fulfilled. (and that doesn’t factor in the shipping time!) To avoid this, utilize (shameless plug) an experienced interior designer who can help you visualize your overall home design. This will help you see the big picture, so you can establish a plan, get your orders placed and have the ability to install multiple rooms at once.

It’s not pretty, but it can be kept neat!
It’s not pretty, but it can be kept neat!

2. Cut Down on Construction Chaos 

Planning ahead can result in calmer, healthier lives; the road to designing one should be the same!  If you’re designing a bathroom, for example, we strongly advise not to initiate construction until all of the pieces have arrived and have been inspected.  This gives our contractors the time to block out and reserve space on their calendar and to be able to plan for any unforeseen issues.

We designed these three rooms at once to ensure a seamless transition.

3. Create Cohesion By Seeing the Whole Picture

When homes are designed in fragments, it results in disjointed spaces and differing styles.  To avoid this, it’s best to have a vision of your home in its entirety – even if you are not ready to implement it all at once.  This will ensure a seamless, fluid design that will serve your family’s needs for years to come.

Bonus Material:

Although you can’t predict the future, there are things you can prepare for, such as:

  • Multiple Generations living under one roof

20% of homes in the US have more than one adult generation living under one roof, and if you think (or already know) your home could become a multi-generational home, it’s wise to plan for that now. Click here to see how I transformed my own house into a well-oiled multi-generational home.

  • “Livable Design” aka “invisible” design

We can’t predict where our lives will bring us, but we can envision how we want our home to look and perform. These tips  can help you to stay in your home safely and easily for years to come. 

Let 2022 be the year you plan for you and your family’s future and prepare for the many curveballs of life.

Schedule a consultation today and get one step closer to making your future home a reality. 

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