How to determine a budget

I’ve been designing homes for almost twenty years.  In all those years, can you guess how many clients come to us knowing exactly what their budget is?

The answer is one.


Designing well for clients involves asking tons of personal questions – learning what a client is comfortable spending from the very start  is the most important question of all.  

In order to begin designing a space, we need to know if the vision you hold for your home is even realistic given the budget.  No client wants us spending hours on a project only to discover that financially it’s completely out of their comfort zone.

So how do help our clients in determining a budget?  

Our approach is simple: we use our past experiences in designing similar spaces. By discussing photos of recently designed spaces, we’re able to discuss a highly custom designed space versus one that might include a high/low mix of product. 

Design is an investment; this process allow us to educate our clients on their investment.

And educating our clients is key to being transparent from the very start of each project.

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