Before and After

Looking back at these “before” photos reminded us that the most important part of a design is not always the furnishings and objects that we bring to a project. Some of our most successful projects are ones that start with our client’s collections. For this Bergen County project, our clients wanted to keep their sentimental photo collection in the living room.

Check out the before and after pictures to see how we literally married the old with the new to create a pleasing balance between the two! Enjoy!

Since the Dining Room is open to the Living Room, we updated this space as well. Our clients had several sentimental antique pieces in this space that worked perfectly with the newer furnishings. The antiques become the thread that tie the two rooms together while telling the owner’s story.

Finally, we updated the foyer and stairwell by adding new tile, a textured blue raffia wallpaper and a graphic runner!

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