Our Focus For 2017

I typically don’t make New Year’s resolutions….personally or professionally.

2017 just feels different.

This year I will focus on what resonates most with my clients and myself and that is the idea of designing for wellness.

When we’re in spaces that are designed to fit us perfectly, we feel, relate and live well.   These are spaces that let us function at our highest level, make us feel great and let us thrive.

It has been proven that healthier lives are lived in healthier spaces.

Our monthly newsletters and weekly postings will continue to reinforce our focus by touching on six design principles that collectively elevate a space:

  • Lighting
  • Color
  • Space
  • Sensory Elements
  • Nature & Sustainability
  • Livable Design (aka Universal Design)

These principles are rooted in research on how design can make us feel, relate and live well in our surroundings.

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Because everyone deserves a space where they can thrive.


Our interiors are designed to be highly personal.  We ensure that you’re surrounded with design that’s meaningful and represents you authentically—so that you’ll thrive.
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