Research has proven that certain colors will elicit certain emotions. But…there are so many variables involved when specifying color.One of the first questions we always ask our clients is “How do you want to feel in your space?” We start by grouping colors as Cool versus Warm: Cool colors are purples, blues and green – We […]

  I recently read a statistic that said the highest population of baby boomers live in Califorina.   It should really comes as no surprise.  As we age, we naturally yearn for more natural sunlight…simply because it makes us feel better. So, if you don’t live on the West Coast, here are a few easy […]

I can sometimes tolerate a room without windows on a dreary day but on a sunny day… it’s unbearable!  Most people tend to gravitate to the areas of their homes that provide them with the most sunlight and the best views. Why?  Because it’s been repeatedly proven that natural light is healing – stress levels decrease and mental […]