Shingle Style Home Traditional Open Floor Plan

Building their dream home was the goal for this family of six. We were fortunate enough to collaborate with the architect and builder starting from the ground up of this 7000 sf residence.

As is any challenge in an open floor plan, we needed to define and emphasize each space as they all needed to serve different functions.

We started with the main focal point when entering the home: the fireplace…or specifically the handmade clay tiles.

Hues of blue, green and yellow dictate the color scheme of the six adjoining spaces. Using different wood species in each area defined each space and created a sense of harmony. Ceiling details define each of the six adjoining spaces starting with the tresses in the family room joining the bar area then to the sitting area, homework station, kitchen and finally the breakfast area. These were the design details that became the footprint of this house that made it a home.