Burst of Color Saddle River Show House

The challenge for any Show House space is to make a memorable and lasting impression on Show House visitors. The bar was raised when the room assigned to this designer happened to be located in the lower level, “down the hall and to the right” (aka, basement) of this 7000 square foot home.

One might be surprised to learn that this room was specifically chosen for those precise reasons–to create an unexpected “surprise” that was bright and uplifting; one that would stand out in the minds of all our guests.

A worldly-traveled, professional nanny is imagined as the inhabitant of this space.   A well educated, seasoned professional; deserving of her own private respite.  The space was envisioned where this nanny could recharge, reflect and re-energize. This isolated space, removed from the rest of the family, would be the perfect respite for this nanny whose regular re-assignments allowed for her to carry with her only a few small keepsakes along with her larger-than-life memories.

Decorative carved wooden artifacts from the East are intermingled throughout the room to add warmth.   A three foot high Indonesian carving adds contour and interest to the tall window-well.  The natural wood is relaxing and creates plays of light and shadow from the daylight above.   To enhance and draw our eye to the natural light filled window, framing a basement window in this room came as a delight.  Privacy was not a requirement so we layered a solid fuchsia window fabric with a contrasting white starburst ribbon embroidery.  The treatment is not intended to cover the window; it simply hangs adjacent and provides scale and proportion to the wall while adding a splash of color.