Global Reflection North Caldwell NJ Residence

“Fiori Interior Design has transformed our house into a home. Terri has an incredible talent for design and an innate ability to tap into her client’s needs and wants.  She provides a variety of options and works within the confines of whatever parameters you set.  We have been very luck to work with Terri and her team for a number of years and will continue to do so.  She is communicative from start to finish on a project and no problem is too small or too big for her to solve.  I love her creativity and she really is a master of fabrics.  Through Fiori Interior Design we have a home that we are proud of and love.”

These long-time clients had requested a living room where they could gather for after dinner conversation with friends and family.  A place where they could reflect on their travels and love of collecting.  Our inspiration began with two custom made dolls they had recently brought back from Kyoto, Japan.  Their multi-layered kimonos served as the color palate for our design.

An open-faced armoire backed with silver leaf shimmers via the iron chandelier – a new addition as this room lacks natural sunlight.  The scale of the armoire takes center stage as it needs to be in proportion with the 12’ high ceiling pitch.  Accordingly, each Geisha dolls is encased in a six-foot high glass and steel vitrine.  The contrast of the dolls silk fabric against the black iron calls for your attention.

An area of respite is the blue velvet chaise placed on an angle in the corner of the living room.  A cozy reading nook is created with a wall sconce at an arm’s distance and an inlaid bone table for which to lay a book or drink.

We were fortunate to be able to use artwork from the owner’s collection.  Each painting allows the owners to tell their story as to how, when and where it was acquired.