Artful Oasis in Essex County, NJ

We were asked to create a calming oasis for an empty nester couple.  The serene color palette needed to take backstage to the focal point of the room – a hand painted and hand embroidered mural. The scale and proportion of the panels are balanced by this soft color palette.

Each panel was  mounted on boards so that they could be taken with the clients should they ever decide to move. Details such as grosgrain ribbon was added to the edge of each panel.

We used the design principle of symmetry by balancing the matching lamps and nightstands. Symmetry encourages focus and balance and creates a sense of calm. 

There is a small device on each nightstand that controls the lamps a well as the dimmable LED high hats. 

Delicate velvet trim is used on the blackout lined panels that are a soft contrast on the cream colored walls. Quiet contrasting finishes are evident on the TV cabinet as a  “mink” finish was used on the casing while the doors were treated with a matte silver leaf. All of the furnishings were custom made, either locally or in the US, in factories that pride themselves on zero waste sustainable practices. All paints used are low VOC. 

Finally, we grounded the room with a vintage wool rug which echoes the soft plums and blues in the velvet throw pillows scattered throughout the room.