Top Kitchen Trends for 2022: Part One

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home, so it should come as no surprise that, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), 20 – 40% of renovated kitchens are increasing in size.

As a longstanding member of the NKBA, to maintain my certification, I am required to take twenty hours of educational credits throughout two years. Last month I attended a CEU (Continuing Education Unit) that focused on top trends that the interior design industry is seeing. As a New Jersey interior designer who doesn’t love to follow trends, it’s fun to see what other designers are doing. I am happy to report that most of what is now “on trend”… I’ve actually been implementing for years!

(Please note that several of the photos that I share in this post were discovered through NKBA – and unless noted, they are not examples of my work!)


The first (and my personal favorite) is COLOR! Bold color choices in cabinetry are not going away…but on the other hand, many designers noted that neither is white! Anyone up for a mix of both? Fiori Interior Design is currently working on a New Jersey beach house project that includes calming blue cabinetry below and soft white cabinetry above – stay tuned!

Bold color choices are balanced with a more classic backsplash.
Bold colors like this bright blue backsplash are a great contrast with white cabinetry. (be on the lookout for happy colors like orange and yellow too)


Matte finishes are a growing trend. We’ve been using countertops with a matte or leather finish for some time now. It’s easier on the eyes (no glare) and you can barely see fingerprints. Brushed finish for faucets were noted to be on trend as well. This makes total sense as we continue to seek out spaces that offer more natural light for well-being.

I love this image that exemplifies how we can blur the lines between interior and exterior spaces.


Hidden storage like this walk-in pantry shown below is definitely in high demand. It should not be an after thought! My clients get really excited about organized storage spaces – there’s just something about keeping our things orderly that creates a sense of calm and satisfaction.

A pantry from the Kitchen and Bath American Dream Home we visited this past January in Orlando, Florida


Two words: Natural and Organic. This combination feels calm and soothing. This is a trend that crosses generations and definitely will dominate. Sustainability is woven into the mix with things like recycled countertops and flooring materials.

Light fixtures like these make kitchens more unique and are one-of-a-kind statements pieces.

BONUS “TREND”: Outdoor kitchens that mimic the indoors.

I believe that this trend is here to stay. There’s no better way to extend your outdoor living!

An outdoor kitchen from the KBIS American Dream Home.

So the question is: What are trends to embrace and what is here to stay? Stay tuned as we tackle those questions and more in Part Two!

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