I faithfully read the Wall Street Journal. Surprisingly (or NOT…) I typically don’t read the financial section but a bold headline in a recent wealth management report caught my eye. It read… “The Best Financial Advice I Ever Got”.. Manisha Thakor, VP of Financial well-being at wealth-management firm Brighton Jones quoted her grandfather who said: “buy few, but buy the best you can afford.”

Music to my ears. She goes on to say “each time you see, touch or use these items, you think “Ahhh, I have made a good choice and feel content. It’s much deeper than simply quality over quantity. It’s a way to repeatedly appreciate what you have versus that which you do not”. I was raised with this same mentality so these words resonate with me. It’s also true to how I run my business and the products that I offer to my clients. (although I might not be as eloquent with my own words of wisdom: “buy once, cry once”) When you own something of quality it should last at least a generation. Amortized over time, it could be one of the the best investments you will ever make.