Vibrant Patterns and Colors

Our client, a mental health professional, requested  a gathering space meant for colleagues to gather for their monthly group sessions.

She requested bright, energizing colors and bold patterns to reflect her bohemian style.  

We started with the client’s own artwork which influenced our color choices.  We expanded the use of these vibrant colors such as red, maroon, and oranges, knowing that research has proven that these colors make us feel energetic and passionate and are more likely to spark lively conversation.  

The artwork in this Bergen County living room helps promote social interactions and facilitates personal connections.

One of the challenges presented in this space is the floor plan itself; there are three large openings on the four walls.

We addressed this by floating two swivel chairs in the center of the room, allowing them to visually divide the space.  The placement of the swivel chairs also allows those to choose which area of the room they would like to engage.  It also allows those who choose to disengage to do so at any moment’s notice, offering them a sense of control.

The color palette is repeated in the window treatment’s overscaled pattern; its colors are repeated throughout the space.  The vegetable dyed rug complements the colors in the window treatments.

For the sofa we chose a super soft chenille fabric.  The multi-colored toss pillows are covered with a velvety fabric as well.  All fabrics are stain and fade resistant.

The oval cocktail table is treated with a catalytic varnish to prevent stains. In addition to dimmable overhead LED lighting, a gilded floor lamp as well as a table lamp was added for ambient lighting.

Universal design principles were implemented with flush saddles (no raised flooring) where you can enter from one space to the next quite easily with assistive devices if necessary.