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I love when clients already have artwork that is the inspiration for a space because they’re typically personal pieces that tells a part of their story.   The challenge is when we seek out artwork for our clients. It needs to be approached in a thoughtful, creative, and authentic manner that lends itself to sharing their narrative.  

This is why, in our process, the art always is the “last piece of the puzzle”.   It’s after we’ve learn about what our clients love…and hate. Discovering to where they have traveled and how they spend their weekends and which books they’re reading and what shows they’re seeing.  It’s how we can choose pieces that truly reflect them. And oftentimes, we create original art for them.

The importance of art in a room not only adds beauty to a space but intrinsically meaning to the homeowners. It connects us.

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  1. Mary Walker-Baptiste
    Mary Walker-Baptiste says:

    Loved how you highlighted your latest event!!! And, Loved your comments about art in a home, needless to say! I did leave you an email recently, and am wondering if you would still need some of my small art, the greeting cards. I have a couple of places I am showing in November (Clifton Art Center; Temple Beth Rishon) but I have held out about 20 different ones for you, if you still need them. Awaiting word!


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