​​3 Ways We Begin Our Projects

At Fiori Interior Design, we pride ourselves on designing homes that speak to the heart of every client. When we begin any new design, we ask our clients to show us objects that are meaningful to them. Oftentimes, these objects become our springboard into inspiring design.

Here are three unique ways we have begun a few of our interior design projects.

Hand-Crafted Items Can Be a Catalyst for Creativity 

Having worked with this client for over a decade, we were quite aware of her love for one-of-a-kind, handmade items.  When I presented this Fromental wallpaper to her, she fell in love with its hand-embroidered details and exquisite level of artistry. Following our V.I.B.E standard, we took an innovative approach and had the wallpaper adhered to individual panels. This allowed the client to have the panels taken down and removed, should they ever decide to move.

Personal Pieces May Provide the Best Inspiration

Designing spaces with a personal touch is at the core of every project, so when this client shared a cherished piece of jewelry with us from her collection, we couldn’t help but be inspired by it. This particular item was specifically made for her by one of her favorite artists. Its beautiful details, vibrant colors and handmade craftsmanship inspired us to create a bespoke mosaic for her primary bathroom. Because this is still a work in progress, there will be more updates and photos to follow, so stay tuned!

Heirloom Items are the Perfect Details to Drive Design

The design we created for this living room was entirely driven by the embroidered sampler hanging on our client’s wall. Not only does it serve as an eclectic focal point in the room, but its history gives this space a personal touch — our client made it when she was 16 years old! Because her living room had heirloom furnishings that were well made and meaningful to her, the embroidered sampler influenced how we reupholstered each piece. Its subtle hues, playful shapes and mix of patterns wound up creating a relaxing but playful living room aesthetic.

Whether you want a room’s design to be inspired by an object you cherish or you’re simply ready to transform a space in your home, we’re here to make sure it speaks to your heart! 

What inspires you? Contact us today to schedule a complimentary Discovery Call!

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