We grounded the living. room with a brown and white wood rug, drawing from the adjacent family room’s earthy hues. The coordinating colors. and textures create an aesthetically pleasing connection between the two rooms.

Aristotle figured it out a long, long time ago.  And, we couldn’t agree more. In design, there are so many elements – some that can stand alone, some that can’t.  Rhythm is what pulls it all together to create a comforting, welcoming space.

Our designs integrate colors and shapes to create a rhythmic flow. One color might be used as the primary in one space, as a secondary color in an adjacent space and as an accent in the next, to visually lead people from room to room. Photo groupings, lighting patterns and floor patterns can use the same rules and have the same effect in hallways.

Rhythm is introduced in many ways. Subtle colors and shapes, repetition and gradation, textures and patterns are used to bring all the parts together to create collective harmony.

If you have any questions or need more information about livable design, please feel free to schedule a call through my calendar. I’m here to help guide you.

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