When you want to curl up with a book, write in your journal, flip through a magazine, readjust, rejuvenate, or simply relax, there’s nothing like a nook. 

A nook provides opportunities for private moments in your home that can be created not only out of actual recesses in a home’s structure but from corners, closets and cozy spaces. Every member of the family deserves a nook of their own, and chances are you’ve got the room!

Creating your nook:

Don’t go with the flow…Look for areas that are out of the flow of traffic. Don’t discount the value of attic spaces, window seats and basements.

Lighten up…If there’s not enough light in your space, consider adding sconces to brighten your space or brightly colored cushions 

Keep it simple…But make it special.   Add your personal touches so you feel at home in your nook.  

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