Traditional Dining Room Essex County

How do you treat one room with eight-foot ceilings that adjoin another with a much higher ceiling height?

Our solution was a 95″ china cabinet that lends to the allusion that the ceiling height is actually higher and of equal proportion to the adjoining Living Room. Trompe l’oeil at its best.

The dark maple wood finish on the dining room table lends contrast to the white painted dining chairs. Details like the silver-leafed cuff on the table legs lend a quiet accent as does the nickel nail heads on the chairs. The glass chandelier was chosen for its transparency so that the view from the living room into the dining room would not be obscured.

The accessibility of movement from one room to the next also played an important part in the design. Close visiting family members use wheelchairs in their daily lives so being able to move comfortably from one room to the next was extremely important.

The furnishings specified were chosen in part as the manufacturers adhere to sustainable business practices – a fact that left a long-lasting impression on this designer who recently visited the manufacturing facilities first hand.