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As the father of American landscape architecture, Frederick Law Olmsted recognized the power of the pathway. He understood that people’s innate tendency to meander generated a need for incorporating defined entrances and exits into design.

Similarly, your home should have a clear and welcoming entry way. Think of your foyer as a first impression. What do you want to communicate about yourself and your home? And how can you make that happen?

Clear, uncluttered, well-lit pathways to and from the entry way will enhance both your family’s and visitors’ comfort. Sufficient storage helps corral chaos and can be integrated in creatively pleasing ways if closet space is limited. And, because a small, cozy entry way is more inviting, larger foyers can be visually warmed by adding an area rug, low-hanging light fixture or a piece of upholstered furniture.

It’s easy to neglect an entry way when decorating your house. But, keep in mind that this all-important first impression sets the tone and creates the atmosphere for your entire home. And that nothing says “welcome” like a fabulous foyer.

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