Creating a Comfortable Familiarity


We all have our creature comforts. They’re what make us feel happy. They make us feel secure.
Certain design elements enhance those feelings of well-being and should be incorporated into our décor. But first, we need to know how to identify these elements.
So how do we accomplish this?  As designers, we do this by really getting to know you before we start our research process.  As lead designer, I used to back off from asking way too many personal questions, thinking that my clients would feel I was getting too personal.  But by not asking, I now know I was doing a disservice to my clients.  By helping to conjure up memories of experiences that evoke positive emotions I’m able to isolate colors, textures and even shapes that conjure up happy memories.
For example, if a client recalls fondly the act of baking cookies with her mother, I’ll now delve deeper, asking what the kitchen looked like. What colors they remember and what kind of art work or shelving adorned the walls. We can then take those sensory memories and replicate them. The yellow kitchen walls of childhood represent warmth and love and using that same palate in another space will carry that feel-good emotion into that area.  That’s pretty cool.
Likewise, items collected from travels, meaningful gifts and family treasures are familiar and uplifting possessions that should be displayed and cherished within your home.
Our homes are such a huge part of our souls. By focusing on the positive core elements, we create a comforting place in which to live, entertain and relax.
In an industry where individuality is paramount, you deserve a firm unique in its approach. Fiori Interior Design does things a little differently to assure personalities, tastes and lifestyles are in sync with practicality, efficiency and budget. Give us a call. We’d love to get to know you and help you customize your home.

Create your forever home, so every generation can live their best life!


If you have any questions or need more information about livable design, please feel free to schedule a call through my calendar. I’m here to help guide you.