A custom rug in a Tenafly New Jersey project.

Vacuum regularly every 1-2 weeks.
What to do about a spill: If it’s dry wine use WD40 followed by 91% alcohol. (isopropal alcohol – available from CVS to remove any WD40 residue). If it’s still wet use soap and warm water followed by clear water. ALWAYS BLOT AND DO NOT SCRUB. Call us to clean if all else fails.
Another tip: Try club soda and blot – do not rub. Always use a clean rag. Never soak carpets with anything but water. Cleaning handmade carpets should be performed with the least amount of stress on the carpet fibers. No vacuum with strong suction should be used. No beater brush or other aggressive vacuum attachments should be used on handmade carpets.

Oftentimes we offer a product called FiberShield protection: “An advanced stain repellent, fabric protectant and fabric flame retardant, FiberShield is is scientifically engineered for use on all types of area rugs, carpeting, upholstery, window treatments, wall fabrics, textiles and much more. FiberShield resists everyday soils, stains and wear, especially those in high traffic areas. FiberShield’s advanced technology helps to retain the color and texture of your fabrics without any change to the fabric, the look, the feel or color for years to come.

FiberShield enables future cleanings to be more effective as the textile is much more protected. Treated fibers and fabrics will demonstrate improved abrasion resistance (wear). Textiles will garner that deep-down protection on each and every fiber with NO COLOR CHANGE. Fiber-Shield will not wear off, therefore your fabric and textiles will be well protected against spills and stains. The patented state-of-the-art polymers in Fiber-Shield will actively fight oil-based stains to further the longevity and beauty of your investment.

Fiber Shield repels oil, water, virtually all food stains,  alcoholic beverages and dirt Fiber Shield is safe with it’s non-toxic, NON-FLAMMABLE, and hypoallergenic properties making it safe for use virtually anywhere in your home. Unlike fabric protection products of the past, FiberShield contains no chemical agents (ex. Teflon or Silicone) that will stiffen the textile or cause yellowing of the fabric. FiberShield is recommended by industry professionals today for new home furnishings, new carpeting, as well as recently cleaned items. This ensures full protection is achieved at the onset.”

We used this lilac linen window treatment with a John Robshaw 6″ band
in one of our client’s office.

We advise vacuuming every few months with a brush attachment. Dry clean as needed. (which really shouldn’t be that often).

Fiori Interior Design offers a white glove service in which we will arrange to have someone come to your home, take down the treatments, and then reinstall the treatments once they are dry-cleaned.
For 100% linen fabrics, spot clean only with a water free dry cleaning solvent. Do not saturate or use water. When cleaning a spill, blot immediately to remove spilled material. We recommended using a professional dry cleaning service.

Window Hardware:  Maintain the fine finish by simply dusting with a soft clean cloth.
And keep those kids with stick fingers away from the drapes. (ha)

Wood pieces like dining tables, chairs and end tables need to maintain their fine finish by simply dusting with a soft clean cloth, always rubbing with the grain.

If you use your dining table frequently, every six months, polish with a high quality furniture polish. Apply the polish in a thin, even coat with a dry cloth, rubbing with the wood grain. Buff with a fresh dry cloth while polish is still moist for a rich lustrous finish.
For dining tables, the best treatment while not in use is prevention – ask us who we recommend for custom table pads!

Always protect wood surfaces with felt protectors on lamp bases. Avoid putting plastic, hot dishes directly on the wood. These items will harm the finish. Use coasters for alcohol and water glasses. Address spills and smudges immediately.

Maintain hardware with regular dusting. Clean with mild soap and water and dry thoroughly to avoid water market.