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In order to keep things in check, we have our processes that help it all flow smoothly.

First Things First:

We start by listening to you as you describe your perfect surroundings.

Then we'll ask you questions...and more questions.  (and even have you fill out our wellness questionnaire)

We'll ask you how you want your space to feel when we're done.

How you want it to function.

How your space is being used now, and how you want it to work when we’re finished.


We’ll discuss style.  You’ll show us your inspirational images that you've pinned, instagrammed or torn out of magazines.   We’ll talk about colors and patterns and materials.

What's next?

We measure, photograph and ask more questions.  Do you have architectural plans? (great!)  No? (not a problem)  We'll talk about time lines and budgets.

Back to the Studio...

We head back to our studio where the design process begins.


We start with floor plans, furniture layouts and elevations so you can really visualize what's in our heads.  Color palettes and fabrics are all assembled to start a collection of two or three (but no more than three!) design groupings for your approval.


 With your questionnaire in hand, we're also applying our wellness design principals to the foundation of your design.

What else?

If we're working on a new construction or remodel, we'll be choosing other items like millwork and architectural details, tile and paint colors, to name just a few.


All of these options are presented to you on design boards that are reviewed for your approval.  You're able to visualize and feel how your space is collectively coming together.


And If you can't stop smiling, that means we're on the way to designing your perfect environment.

Let the ordering process begin!

We'll prepare purchase orders, review custom finishes and fabrics and take care of those important design details that we love to sprinkle in to all of our projects.


While your new pieces are being delivered to our warehouse, we're also overseeing the electricians, plumbers, AV guys and any other professionals involved in our project!

Tying it All Together

This is where all of your pieces are delivered and set up for the big reveal!  Every detail has been taken into consideration.

It's time to feel great in your newly designed environment.

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Fiori Interior Design, logo, Interior Design, Bergen County
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