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About Us

Fiori Interior Design (FID) is a boutique design firm that creates beautiful wellness environments.  Our mission is to transform our clients’ homes into uplifting places – where everyone, regardless of their age— functions at their highest level.


We craft interiors that are designed to be highly personal, ensuring that our clients live in surroundings that are meaningful and authentically represent them, thus allowing them to thrive.

With extensive experience in product design and development, FID flawlessly integrates solid business acumen with unparalleled creative finesse, fashioning sophisticated, yet relaxed spaces, for a diverse clientele.


Behind the scenes, FID focuses on six design principles, that when used together, elevate any space.  These principles are rooted in research on how design can make us feel, connect and live well in our surroundings.


Principal designer, Terri Fiori, has degrees in Interior Design as well as Communications.  She is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) and serves as a chair on the New Jersey American Society of Interior Design.


With a strong conviction that the cornerstone to great design lies in personality, Fiori’s eyes are always open for inspiration. Whether it’s scouring New England antique shops, visiting home furnishing trade shows in North Carolina or frequenting showrooms in Manhattan, Fiori has the vision to turn every project into a one-of-a-kind statement.


Fiori Interior Design opened its doors in 2001 and has been recognized in magazines such as DesignNJ, Aspire and Bergen Health and Life as well as featured in The Bergen Record’s Ask the Designer and the Sunday home section of The Bergen Record.

Terri Fiori lives in New Jersey with her husband, three children and their Jack Russell Terrier, Winston.

Design Services

Space Planning, Furniture Selection, Custom Furniture Design, Custom Window Treatments and Bedding.  Finish, Material, & Fixture Specification, Kitchen & Bath Renovations, Color Consultation and Overall Project Management.

The value we bring to each project
  • Wellness Design

    Designing for wellness means that the foundation of our designs are created using six specific design principles, or our "Six Pillars of Design".   These principles are rooted in research on how design can elevate us in our surroundings.

  • Our six Wellness Design Principles



    Spatial Planning

    Visual and Sensory elements

    Nature's Sustainability

    Livable Design (Universal Design)

    Collectively these six design principles can elevate your surroundings.

  • We are "Certified Aging in Place Specialists"

    We can help you remodel your home using Universal Design concepts.  Universal Design is the design of products and environments that can be used by everyone, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design.

  • We only work with the best.

    There are many people behind the scenes helping to propel a project. We have long-standing relationships with our fully-licensed trade professionals who understand the level of work that is expected from us. Our carpenters, builders, window treatment installers, painters, artisans and craftspeople are proven in their fields, allowing us to offer you true customization.

  • We “Measure Twice, Cut Once.”

    Bear with us as we measure and re-measure and take you through the “big picture” one more time. We prevent mistakes by methodically breaking down the project and eliminating out-of-scale furnishings and incorrect materials before they ever enter our project.

  • We keep up with trade developments.

    Design is an ever-evolving field filled with new concepts and challenges. Every year we attend the renowned, trade-only High Point Market and other trade shows for new releases and ideas. This way we're able to see most of the pieces we order first-hand and can specify only the highest quality vendors. Attending these trade shows allows for value engineering – comparing products from multiple manufacturers to find cost-effective alternatives that fit your budget

  • We take our ASID membership seriously.

    We love keeping up with the industry and sharing our findings with our clients. To keep our ASID membership active, we're required to attend seminars for industry-specific research, design trends and sustainability topics.   (Even if we didn't have to...we would!)

  • Communication with clarity.

    It all comes down to communication. We provide weekly check-ins with updated checklists. We let you know what’s going on, every step of the way....and if something arrives not exactly as planned (yes, that can happen) we will take care it as quickly as possible.  Rest assured that as much as you want to be on time and on budget, so do we.

  • We respect your privacy.

    You won’t see us posting pictures and tweeting our progress – unless you want us to! It’s your project and you can protect it as you please!

  • We don’t like repeats.

    Once a fabric has been chosen for a project, we consider it yours. We don’t duplicate fabrics in another space.  There are too many inspirational fabrics out there to find the same thing next door!

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Fiori Interior Design, logo, Interior Design, Bergen County
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